Highlights From "Spotlight on Linda Ronstadt,"
a show featuring 22 songs in five of Linda's styles:
Pop, rock, opera, jazz and Mexican rancheras 

Musical Theatre Demo Reel

Playing both the Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood
"Hello Little Girl" from Into the Woods

On-Camera Demo Reel


Regional TV Spot 2015 For Southern Oregon Chevy Dealers



A second TV spot for Southern Oregon Chevy, Winter 2015


Sermon and Song, Unity in Ashland, Oregon,
"License to Love"


Sermon and song, Unity in Ashland,
"Embracing Our Shadows"

    Begin at 1:50 to hear why I'm barefaced and wild-haired,
       and why we are called to embrace our shadows.
    Leading congregational gospel-style singing at 7:21
    Clip of my original song, "Comfort Zone Blues" at 24:48